Azure DevOps

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Published: Nov 14, 2018
Last Updated: Oct 28, 2020
Oct 2020

Azure DevOps 服务包含 Git 仓库托管、CI/CD 流水线、自动化测试工具、待定项管理工具以及生成物(artifact)仓库等在内的一系列管理服务。在这个平台上,我们的团队积累了许多经验,并取得了不错的成绩——这也意味着 Azure DevOps 的逐步成熟。在灵活性上我们对它喜爱有加:它允许你使用来自不同供应商的服务。例如,你可以在 Azure DevOps 流水线服务上使用外部 Git 仓库。尽管我们的团队对 Azure DevOps Pipelines 尤为感兴趣,但不得不说,所有的 Azure DevOps 服务都提供了良好的开发者体验,有助于我们的团队交付价值。

Nov 2019

Azure DevOps服务包括一组被托管的服务,如Git仓库、CI/CD流水线、自动化测试工具、待办列表管理工具和制品仓库。Azure DevOps Pipelines已经日趋成熟,其对流水线即代码的支持,以及在Azure DevOps市场中的生态系统的扩展能力,尤其赢得我们的青睐。但在撰写本文时,我们的团队还是发现它的一些功能不够成熟,比如缺少有效的UI,来进行流水线的可视化和导航,以及无法从制品或其他流水线,来触发某条流水线。

Nov 2018

Azure DevOps services include a set of managed services such as hosted Git repos, CI and CD pipelines and artifact repository. Azure DevOps services have replaced Visual Studio Team Services. We've had a good experience in starting projects quickly with Azure DevOps services—managing, building and releasing applications to Azure. We've also run into a few challenges—such as lack of full support for CI and CD pipeline as code, slow build agent startup time, separation of build and release into different pipelines—and experienced a few downtimes. We're hoping that Azure DevOps services improve over time to provide a good developer experience when hosting applications on Azure, with a frictionless experience integrating with other Azure services.