Published: Apr 24, 2019
Last Updated: Apr 13, 2021
Apr 2021

在上一次我们介绍了有关如何使用Next.js构建React 代码库之后,我们又有了更多的使用经验。Next.js是一个一站式零配置的框架,该框架提供了包括简化的路由、采用WebpackBabel进行自动打包和编译、快速热重载等其它可为开发人员提供便利工作流的工具。它默认提供服务器端渲染、搜索引擎优化和改善初始加载时间等功能,并支持增量静态生成模块代码。使用过Next.js的团队为我们提供了积极的体验报告,同时鉴于其庞大的社区,我们对该框架的发展保持乐观的态度。

Apr 2019

React.js has revolutionized the way most people write single-page JavaScript applications. Generally, we recommend you use Create React App throughout the application lifecycle so you don't have to configure your setup, builds and packages manually. But some developers will prefer a tool whose initial defaults reflect a sound set of opinions. Next.js is just such an opinionated framework and it is garnering quite a bit of interest among our front-end enthusiasts. Next.js simplifies routing, renders on the server side by default and streamlines dependencies and builds. We're keen to see if it lives up to expectations on our own projects.