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Xinglin CHEN

Xinglin CHEN

Senior Director of Data Commerce Department, Talking Data

He’s in charge of the branding, product operation, pre-sales consulting and solution partnership, in effort of providing efficient, reliable data-based products and services to enterprise customers within Talking Data. He owns an experience of 8-years of consulting, 5 years of product management. The NIPS project of NSFocus he has involved has won the NSS Labs international approval certificate and the highest evaluation of “Approved”.


负责面向市场的品牌推广、产品运营、售前咨询,以及方案合作,致力于为企业客户提供持续高效、可靠的数据相关产品和服务。8年行业咨询、5年产品管理工作经验,历任安氏领信咨询顾问、绿盟科技产品经理,以及时趣科技KA软件事业部副总经理,兼产品运营总监,“十一五”国家科技支撑计划项目“网上证券交易盗买盗卖防范系统”专家组成员,曾参与管理的绿盟NIPS,于2010年3月顺利通过NSS Labs国际权威认证,获得Approved最高级别评价。