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Babs Ryan

Babs Ryan

Global Growth Consultant, Principal

Babs Ryan has more than 25 years experience in multi-channel global retail and financial services. She has traveled in 81 countries and is a dual UK/US citizen. Ms. Ryan has 6 patent applications for payment, retail and loyalty innovations.


Currently Principal at Thoughtworks Retail in New York, she was omnichannel director at PwC Customer Impact Consulting, head of product development and research at GE Capital Card (providing white-label financial products/services to leading retailers’ customers including Walmart and Gap), head of business development at Citibank UK, and chief marketing officer at Kawasaki Motors UK.


Babs Ryan,在全球多渠道零售/金融版块拥有超过25年的行业经验,并拥有在支付、零售和顾客忠诚度领域的6项专利。Babs是被誉为“国际管理教育第一校”的雷鸟商学院MBA,她曾任PwC客户影响力咨询项目多渠道业务总监,GE Capital Card产品研发总监,Citibank英国的业务发展总监,川崎重工英国的CMO。在担任全球策略咨询公司Sparks Worldwide LLC董事长期间,她突破性地开发出了200多种多渠道产品和服务,并作为全球趋势研究专家,为渣打的全球53个国家、西部联盟国际汇款公司的202个国家、惠普的170个国家和地区提供咨询服务。