Overlapping photos of cracked ice and a towering city scape, seen from aboveOverlapping photos of cracked ice and a towering city scape, seen from above

Social change lab

Thoughtworks has a long history of supporting social change. We hire people who care about creating a more equitable future and balance our work alongside commercial clients with a steady stream of social change initiatives and partnerships. 

As we emerged from the Covid pandemic, we want to do our part in rebuilding where it was needed most, so we set up the Social Change Lab to offer partnership to a wide range of Not for Profits (NFPs).
Two Thoughtworkers chatting across a laptopTwo Thoughtworkers chatting across a laptop

Support opportunities

The lab's offering included a number of advisory packages as well as a development package. The advisory option includes coaching, ideation, as well as tech/product strategy creation or review. To have the most impact and make sure the plans can be taken forward, this is aimed at NFPs with an annual turnover of £1m+. The development and build package includes a dedicated tech team for up to eight weeks. This time could be used to build or refine a tech solution; or, if there's a larger piece of work in mind, to create a proof of concept, and help with funding applications. For maximum long term impact, this is aimed at NFPs with an annual turnover of £5m+ or an existing tech development team, to continue with maintenance and development.

Who can apply?

We are looking to support organizations that fit the following criteria. 

- Incorporated in the UK (although beneficiaries can be based in the UK or internationally)

- Likely to be registered as a Charity, CIO, CIC or Co-operative

- An annual turnover of £1m+ for the advisory project and £5m+ for the develop and build project

- Have experience of using digital tech in their operations and be very keen to progress this further

- Can identify an internal tech lead for the project and have senior management endorsement

Black and white photo of waves in the sand
Black and white photo of waves in the sand

Drop us a line

Social Change Lab applications have now closed, we encourage you to keep an eye out for news about our next cycle.

You can also get in touch to discuss ideas or if you have any questions about the lab. In your message, please let us know the best way to contact you, and a short outline of your situation. A member of our social change team will be in touch.

Our UK social change clients say...

It was inspirational to see the passion and drive that Thoughtworks had for One Million Mentors; there was a real connection to what we’re trying to achieve. They became my adopted team and vice versa – it was so refreshing to not be treated as just a client.
Tufael Ahmed

Chief Technology Officer - One Million Mentors

Charlotte Dunne, in her office in the Bahamas, smiling at us during a Zoom interview
What Thoughtworks have done for us is they've catapulted us into the modern era.... I just can't imagine how we would have got this achieved through a regular company. Because it was such an interactive process. There really seemed to be little to no bureaucracy. Everything was very easy.
Charlotte Dunne

Founder, Bahamas Marine Mammals Research Organisation

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