Tool-managed Xcodeproj

Published: Apr 13, 2021
Apr 2021

Many of our developers coding iOS in Xcode often get headaches because the Xcodeproj file changes with every project change. The Xcodeproj file format is not human-readable, hence trying to handle merge conflicts is quite complicated and can lead to productivity loss and risk of messing up the entire project — if anything goes wrong with the file, Xcode won't work properly and developers will very likely be blocked. Instead of trying to merge and fix the file manually or version it, we recommend you use a tool-managed Xcodeproj approach: Define your Xcode project configuration in YAML (XcodeGen, Struct), Ruby (Xcake) or Swift (Tuist). These tools generate the Xcodeproj file based on a configuration file and the project structure. As a result, merge conflicts in the Xcodeproj file will be a thing of the past, and when they do happen in the configuration file, they're much easier to handle.