Published: Apr 13, 2021
Apr 2021

We don't call out every new .NET version in the Radar, but .NET 5 represents a significant step forward in bringing .NET Core and .NET Framework into a single platform. Organizations should start to develop a strategy to migrate their development environments — a fragmented mix of frameworks depending on the deployment target — to a single version of .NET 5 or 6 when it becomes available. The advantage of this approach will be a common development platform regardless of the intended environment: Windows, Linux, cross-platform mobile devices (via Xamarin) or the browser (using Blazor). While polyglot development will remain the preferred approach for companies with the engineering culture to support it, others will find it more efficient to standardize on a single platform for .NET development. For now, we want to keep this in the Assess ring to see how well the final unified framework performs in .NET 6.