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Global Day of Coderetreat
Global Day of Coderetreat

Denver Office Meet-up 

Saturday, November 5th 


Thoughtworks Denver Office
1630 Welton St #1000a
Denver, CO 80202
9:00am - 3:00pm


Image of Thoughtworker coding

About this event

As Software Engineers, we are hired to ship working software. Growing and honing our craft often takes a back seat to delivering features, patching bugs, and hitting release dates.


In contrast, a coderetreat is dedicated to learning how to create well-designed software. It’s a day when we can apply and strengthen skills, techniques, and strategies that continually improve not just the code, but also the coder.


A coderetreat is an opportunity:

  • To push beyond boundaries we define as “good enough”, and explore what is possible

  • For us to solidify our understanding of software development fundamentals through the practices of Pair Programming and Test-Driven Design (TDD)

  • To connect with like-minded Software Engineers who share a passion for professional excellence and deliberate practice in software development

On this Global Day of Coderetreat, multiple coderetreats happen simultaneously across the world. Everyone works on the same problem: Conway’s Game of Life. For more info, visit Coderetreat

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