Seismic shifts

Technology has fundamentally changed your world

Successful leaders stay ahead of the competition by constantly assessing new opportunities for their tech-driven businesses. In this series, ThoughtWorks reviews technology trends and captures the five “Seismic Shifts” that will radically change how people interact with technology, how businesses will evolve to incorporate machine intelligence, and how these systems will be created and run.

VR, AR, ML, AI, APIs and robots. The future is here.

Seismic shifts

Plan for success in a fast-changing world

Business, technology and society have become deeply intertwined, fueled by advances in tech. The implications are profound. Organizations must plan for the day when existing business models or products are obsolete.

Technology is being assimilated into the fabric of the enterprise. And this trend is spreading fast — from easily digitized industries such as finance, media and telecom into sectors such as manufacturing, automotive and transportation.

Leaders need to act now

This is a time for courageous leaders — those that can understand the scale of change coming and plan for it, while simultaneously evolving their existing businesses and assets.

For two decades, ThoughtWorks has been at the forefront of helping organizations harness technology’s potential. This report breaks down the five “Seismic Shifts” in business and technology, helping you prepare for these momentous changes.

ThoughtWorks’ Seismic Shifts series will guide you through the tech-driven changes heading your way. We use our unique insights, gained from working alongside the world’s leading organizations, to explains these shifts and why they matter to you. We can help you plot a path to success in a fast-changing world.

Join us on the journey

The Seismic Shifts program is an ongoing series of articles, webinars and customer stories that explore in detail the drivers behind these radical changes. We’ll examine the business consequences of tech-driven change, and bring you insights from the frontline.

You can download our Seismic Shifts white paper, to learn about about the extent of changes that are on the horizon.

Don’t just survive — thrive in the tech-enabled future of business.