Remote working

At Thoughtworks, we have been honing our ability to work as remote and distributed teams throughout our 25-year history, and we want to help you navigate the challenges you might be facing as you adapt to remote life.

As an agile, adaptive organization, we see immense value in cultivating effective remote work environments. For our employees, this means more flexibility in how, when, and where they work, and for our clients we are able to ensure access to the best talent, no matter where they are in the world.

Thoughtworks together

Joining a new company mid-lockdown is a tricky experience, so when Jéssica and Arthur joined Thoughtworks, they built an app to help all Thoughtworkers feel more connected. This is the story of TW Together and how being new hires enabled both of them to design, build (and use!) the app from a unique perspective.

The Remote Work Playbook

Given the reality of today’s major health events, leaders must move quickly to minimize the risks to their people, their communities, and their business operations. Thoughtworks has brought together over 20 years of location-independent delivery experience, to create a practical guide to setting up your organization for remote-work success.

Thoughtworks China’s agile approach to COVID-19

As the first region to encounter the pandemic, Thoughtworks China's leaders made quick but thoughtful moves to transition to a 100% remote workforce. Thoughtworks' longstanding experience with agile delivery and distributed teams helped bolster the transition, ensuring the health and safety of our employees while still maintaining successful delivery for our clients.

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