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Thoughtworks was founded in Chicago in 1993.  At that time, information technology was regarded as a cost center — and one with an appalling track record of delivery and wastage. Thoughtworks aspired to change this through experimenting and learning to drive continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence in the craft of software development. Our commitment to engineering excellence has seen us grow to become a leading technology consultancy of more than 10,000 Thoughtworkers in 17 countries.  Today we help our clients to create their own path to digital fluency and to build organizational resilience to navigate the future.

Key milestones


Announced expansion plans in Vietnam.

Ranked 40 in UK’s Best Workplaces™ (Large) list.

Acquired Connected, a privately-held, end-to-end, product design and development firm.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


Acquired Gemini Solutions, to strengthen our European presence and Fourkind to deepen our machine learning and data science capabilities.

Opened first offices in Romania, Netherlands and Finland.

We were Great Place to Work-Certified™ in many of our global locations, with additional regional rankings such as Best Workplaces for Women™ in Brazil and the UK.

Launched Decoder, the business execs' guide to technology and Looking Glass report.

Thoughtworks becomes a publicly listed company with Nasdaq.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


Named strong performer in digital product development by Forrester Research Inc.

Committed to the Valuable 500, the global movement putting disability on the business leadership agenda.

Awarded IT Vendor of the Year by the UK IT Industry Awards.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


Published The Digital Transformation Game Plan: Thirty-four tenets for masterfully merging technology and business.

Published How to Move Beyond a Monolithic Data Lake to a Distributed Data Mesh, introducing a radical new paradigm for data platforms that can enable enterprises to realize value from their data investments.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


Awarded Daimler supplier of the year for innovation for 2017.

Surpassed 5,000 Thoughtworkers.

Launched Perspectives: a publication for digital leaders.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


The Apax Partners acquired Thoughtworks.

Opened first offices in Thailand.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


Opened first offices in Spain and Chile.

First awarded the winner of the AnitaB.org Institute’s top companies for women technologists, winning again in 2017 and 2018 and recognized as a leader in 2019 and 2020.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


Collaborated with Save the Children in the fight against Ebola, including developing an open-source and adaptable electronic medical record system that was used in Sierra Leone.

Published Building Microservices.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


Opened first offices in Italy.

Published the seminal article Microservices and Building Microservices.

Surpassed 3,000 Thoughtworkers.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


Opened first offices in Ecuador.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


Opened first offices in Singapore.

Started building Bahmni, an open source Electronic Medical Record (EMR) designed specifically for healthcare providers in low-resource settings.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


Published first edition of Thoughtworks Technology Radar, tracking the new developments in technology across techniques, tools, platforms, languages and frameworks.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


Opened first offices in Germany.

Published Continuous Delivery: reliable software releases through build, test and deployment automation.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


Opened first offices in Brazil.

Surpassed 1,000 Thoughtworkers.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


Established Thoughtworks University.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


Opened first offices in China.

Selenium, the leading web application testing framework today, was developed based on work started internally at Thoughtworks.

Surpassed 500 Thoughtworkers.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


Opened first offices in India and Canada.

A 27-year-old Guo Xiao was featured in The Economist as an early adopter of Extreme Programming (XP), an agile software development framework.

Manifesto for agile software development is published (co-authored by our Chief Scientist Martin Fowler).

Released CruiseControl open source software.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


Opened first offices in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Led the industry in adopting a distributed agile development approach.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


Guo Xiao and Dr. Rebecca Parsons joined Thoughtworks.
founded in 1993 founded in 1993


Thoughtworks was founded in Chicago.

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