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Ready to take on a new role? We’re looking for change-makers. Opportunity creators. Status-quo shakers. Thoughtworkers.

Our job is to foster a vibrant community where people have the freedom to make an extraordinary impact on the world through technology.

As a Thoughtworker, you are free to seek out the most ambitious challenges. Free to change career paths. Free to use technology as a tool for social change. Free to be yourself.

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Lead Developer

Senior Quality Assurance Analyst

Infrastructure Consultants

Future of work

We are committed to the health and safety of our people. In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic our people are working from home, collaborating online and connecting over video, as they continue to deliver high quality technology solutions for our clients. As conditions improve we will re-evaluate the working locations for our people. As we emerge from the pandemic, we will begin to shift consultants to a hybrid working model with limited client travel and time spent between their home and local offices.

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Challenging curious minds to make a real impact.

Meet Mafer

A simple question helped ignite María Fernanda Escudero's desire to become a technologist. Discover how she's now inspiring others.

Meet Zhamak

As a young girl, she received her first computer and discovered a portal to a new world. See how far it took Zhamak Dehghani and where she is today.

Meet Mushtaq

Sometimes a professional detour is what leads to our most fulfilling work. Learn more about Mushtaq Ahmed’s inspiring transition from doctor to 'Mr. Scala.’

Awards and recognition

There's a lot that we're proud of as an organization, from our employees, to our long-standing commitment to DEI and social change and the work we do for our clients. Here are some of the most recent awards and recognition we've received in Ecuador.

Folks you might meet

Fausto de la Torre

Fausto De La Torre

Fausto is Head of Technology at Thoughtworks Ecuador. Leading and executing technology strategies, Fausto helps companies connect business and technology...

Iván Pazmiño

Iván Pazmiño

Iván is one of our talented tech principals in Quito. He's a passionate advocate for privacy, security and anonymity of the internet ...

Carla Suarez

Carla Suarez

Carla changed her career from communications to developer and was one of our first employees. She fights for gender equality in technology...

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