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Martin Fowler

Chief Scientist, Thoughtworks

I am an author and speaker who is particularly interested in how software can be designed so we can easily add useful capabilities for many years. I joined Thoughtworks in 2000 as I found their attitude to people and customers fitted remarkably with my own views: they really do believe that people are their biggest asset. I am proud to have been part of our growth as a company, and to have helped talented individuals who have gone on to become influential leaders in the industry.


I have written a number of books on software development, including Refactoring and Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture. I was a pioneer of agile software development, taking part in the writing of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development in 2001. I speak around the world at software conferences, but am my happiest writing from my home in Massachusetts, where I work on in-depth practitioner material for martinfowler.com