"Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusivity is being asked to dance."

– Verna Myers

In the past ThoughtWorks has made great strides in increasing diversity at all levels, from graduate hires to senior leadership, through a variety of programs and approaches. 

Today, we stand with those committed to driving real change to make technology reflective of the world around us and building a more equitable and inclusive future for all technologists. Gender diversity is something we care about in particular. That is why we would like to introduce you to some amazing female ThoughtWorkers stories to encourage and inspire you to stand up, speak up, and advocate for who and what you believe in.

"It’s time for everyone in the tech industry to take responsibility for the bias in our workforce and in our systems, and strive for a new era."

- Rebecca Parsons, Chief Technology officer

Meet some ThoughtWorkers

Lisa Kugler

Tech Lead

At ThoughtWorks I work as a Tech Lead in cross-functional teams with passionate people from all over the world. Together we solve challenging business problems for our clients by building software. Being a Tech Lead is a very broad job: taking responsibility for the architecture, engaging with the business people, mitigating risks and making sure that everybody in the team can excel. What I like most about ThoughtWorks is definitely the people I work with. We are very diverse which inspires me in countless conversations. And when it comes to building software we all strive for developing the greatest product.

Kelsey Mok

Senior Developer

My role at ThoughtWorks as a Senior Developer requires me to be technologically strong as a baseline but also to have strong and well-honed communication skills. This doesn't just pertain to interactions with the client, but also with my team.

At ThoughtWorks, my responsibilities span not only the tech side, but also the Munich [TW Office] Leadership team where I help ensure that the community and ThoughtWorkers in and around our Munich Office are happy, healthy, and growing professionally. The flexibility, the ability to define what I want to do (and do it!), and the opportunity to work with intelligent/creative people in the tech space is what makes my life at ThoughtWorks so invigorating. 

Lina Zubyte

Quality Analyst

Being an adventurer by nature, I love challenges. While studying mathematics at university, I loved problem-solving and thinking outside the box: that is how my first tech job as a quality analyst lured me in.

Tech has shown me enormous personal growth opportunities: the learning never ends and I get to be a part of something that shapes people’s lives so much.

After working in 3 different countries, I packed my bags and moved to the 4th one just because of ThoughtWorks. At ThoughtWorks, I get to embrace my authenticity as a QA by collaborating with various roles in the team to make sure that we have a quality focus in our work culture: from the initial thoughts on how to create a strong, long-lasting & ethical product to the trustworthy implementation led by the testing mindset.

Jayanthi Robert

Tech Lead

I was looking to join a team which not just appreciates technical skills but also has great values. The interview phase at ThoughtWorks gave me the feeling, that this is what I was looking for, a place where I could grow both in my profession and as a person.

So I joined ThoughtWorks in 2016 as a developer. An opportunity to work as a full stack developer, with pairing, TDD, continuous delivery and team specific ways of working in agile. By now I’m a Tech Lead.

Though having previous experience in this role, my experience with ThoughtWorks is unique. The work environment encourages me to ask questions, share my ideas, provide support, to learn new technologies, to grow consultancy skills, receive leadership training, exercise your conflict management skills and more.

Christine Welsch

Client Principal

As Client Principal I am responsible for customer acquisition and account management. The most important thing for me is to create a win-win situation in which we create business value for the client and exciting challenges for our teams. If we succeed in introducing innovative and disruptive ideas to projects by using the latest programming languages, tools and platforms, then this is exactly the environment in which ThoughtWorks feels comfortable – and the result is a happy client.

Zara Gebru


I am a software developer based in Hamburg. I get to work everyday with ThoughtWorkers and other smart technologists enamored with what they do. Which means that I am fortunate enough to constantly hone my skills, recently those things have been involving infrastructure as code and continuous delivery in the embedded world.

Gesa Stupperich


I’m passionate about building things with code and at ThoughtWorks I enjoy doing this full-time. Be it cloud infrastructure, a microservice or a React frontend – it never gets boring! There is something new to learn everyday, not just on a technical level, but also in terms of growing as a human being and becoming a great team player. 

Sylvia Magdalena Le Hong

Business Analyst

I started at ThoughtWorks Australia as an Experience Design Consultant and then returned to Germany 3 years later to help set up the Munich Office.

Today, as Office Principal, I manage the Munich office and at the same time work on client projects. So I can take the best of both worlds with me.

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Gender Diversity

At ThoughtWorks we understand that bias can affect employability in ways that are often not acknowledged. For a long time the tech industry particularly has discriminated against women and non-binary people more so than other marginalised groups. That’s why we closely monitor our diversity ratios and ensure our hiring process focuses on competence above all else. 

While we still have a way to go towards gender equality, we’re proud to announce our diversity figures.

Female ThoughtWorkers, making their mark

Rebecca Parsons

Rebecca, 2018 Technical Leadership Abie Award winner and CTO at ThoughtWorks, talks about her experience as a woman in tech.

Zhamak Dehghani

When she was young girl, Zhamak got her first computer and discovered a portal to a new world. See how far it takes her and where she is today.