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Published: Jan 31, 2011
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2012
Mar 2012
Heroku is a beautifully simple Platform as a Service (PaaS). Although Heroku began as a Ruby on Rails platform, it is evolving to support a variety of languages and web frameworks, most recently Clojure. Heroku uses a standard stack and deploys applications with a simple Git push. Heroku’s recent acquisition by has not diminished its service quality.
Jul 2011
Jan 2011
Heroku is a beautifully simple Platform as a Service (PaaS) for Rack-compatible frameworks such as Ruby on Rails. In contrast to similar offerings for other languages, which often limit development to a programming model specific to the service platform, Heroku uses the standard Rails stack and even allows deployment with a plain Git push. Heroku was recently acquired by and so has significant backing behind their service.