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Atualizado em : Jul 08, 2014
Not on the current edition
This blip is not on the current edition of the Radar. If it was on one of the last few editions it is likely that it is still relevant. If the blip is older it might no longer be relevant and our assessment might be different today. Unfortunately, we simply don't have the bandwidth to continuously review blips from previous editions of the Radar Understand more
Jul 2014
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While centralized integration of data for analysis and reporting remains a good strategy, traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) initiatives have a higher than 50% failure rate. Big up-front data modeling results in overbuilt warehouses that take years to deliver and are expensive to maintain. We are placing these old-style EDWs and techniques on hold in this edition of the radar. Instead, we advocate evolving towards an EDW. Test and learn by building small, valuable increments that are frequently released to production. Nontraditional tools and techniques can help, for example using a Data Vault schema design or even a NoSQL document store such as HDFS.
Jan 2014
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publicado : Jan 28, 2014

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