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Hero banner: Accessibility for business value
Hero banner: Accessibility for business value

Accessibility for business value

Podcast host Karen Dumville | Podcast guest Matthew Johnston
March 02, 2022 | 20 min 28 secs

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Brief summary

Accessibility is increasingly a hot topic, not only because it is just the right thing to do, but there is a huge opportunity for businesses to serve a broader population. In this podcast, Matthew Johnston, Technical Delivery Lead, Thoughtworks, makes the case to push accessibility “left” to embrace innovation, create an inclusive workplace and tap into the “purple dollar.”


Episode highlights


  • There are many types of disabilities to consider for accessibility efforts - invisible, long-term, temporary or situational disability.

  • By making your products more inclusive, you expand your consumer base and you’re able to tap into the purple dollar. 

  • Embedding accessibility in your product helps you keep it more simple and clean so it's easier to develop, replicate it, and it pushes innovation. 

  • Accessibility should be integrated into the product and the delivery lifecycle. It's less risky and less costly than thinking about it afterwards.

  • Thoughtworks became a member of the Valuable 500, making a commitment to captioned events globally, an accessible public website and making all of our tools adjustable.

  • Considering accessibility early and across the board creates inclusion and it often benefits everybody.

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