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Tech Concepts Every Exec Should Know

Podcast host Tania Salarvand | Podcast guest Gary O'Brien and Mike Mason
November 19, 2020 | 35 min 42 sec

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Brief summary

To thrive in the digital landscape, all organizations, even the traditional ones, must become technology companies, to some degree. But what does that mean for the business leader of today? Mike Mason and Gary O' Brien from Thoughtworks, share the key tech concepts that every executive needs to know to achieve their business goals. If you are a business executive wanting to understand how to bring technology into your business strategy, this is the podcast for you.


  • The term digital transformation is less relevant than what digital as an era has done to organizations. The massive (and continual) change in customer expectation means new demands for different access, realtime access etc.

  • More and more businesses are realizing you need to understand enough about how the technology works in order to be able to fix the divide between business and IT

  •  It's really difficult to build a meaningful business strategy without really understanding enough about the technology that you would need to implement that business strategy. There are no business ideas that don't have technology at the core of them today.

  • The technology ecosystem are getting better at being able to explain what they're doing in business terms. And I think business folks are getting better at understanding what technology can do for them in terms of outcomes.

  • From a business exec point of view, it's not just about saying 'I have DevOps or I have a platform.' It's about what that means to the execution of how you operate the business, like the decision-making, the funding, the planning that has to happen.

  • Leveraging tech accelerates your business strategy, to capitalize on the new opportunities existing in the market, which means that technology must have at least an equal seat at the table in the executive rooms and in the boardrooms.
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