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Building Business Resilience in the Cloud Era

Podcast host Sam Massey | Podcast guest Kief Morris
August 28, 2020 | 38 min 40 sec

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Brief summary

If businesses needed a reminder of how critical it is to be able to act quickly amid volatile conditions, the coronavirus pandemic has certainly provided it. Principal Consultant, Kief Morris shares how leaders can use their cloud strategy to prepare for disruption. If you are a business or tech leader, seeking guidance on the best cloud approach, this is the podcast for you.


 There's a lot more emphasis of people going online to do things that they would have been able to do offline before.

  • COVID-19 has meant that organizations need to have their IT ready to cope with scale, and with a high demand, and high pressure. Despite believing cloud is the answer, we've seen that organizations using the cloud, actually found that they weren't able to cope with the level of demand that they'd had.

  • It's not whether or not we need cloud, but also about how we use it and get the benefits of being able to scale up and down.

  • in a lot of cases business leaders who had funded a move to cloud assumed that they were getting all of those promised features just as a byproduct of having moved into the cloud, but there is a lot more you have to do to really get those benefits, and to exploit them properly.

  • Thinking only about technology isn't enough. Need to think about we work as an organization down at the level of the teams, how engineers are working with the infrastructure, how we are working at the process level.

  • The real key to being able to balance different cloud platforms is your teams having the capabilities to build, and understand what they're building and how to carry on building, and changing and adapting it as they go along.

  •  Often there's a feeling that moving to cloud is going to be cheaper, because we don't have to own the hardware, and run those data centers, and leverage the vendors, but in practice the costs actually can go up quite quickly.

  • In the old world, it was risky to make a change, and it was expensive to make a change. It took a long time. And if you messed it up, then it was going to cost you a lot to undo that, to fix it, to repair it. With cloud, the cost of change has dropped to almost nothing.
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