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Portrait of Michelle Nyamushanya

Name: Michelle Nyamushanya


Pronouns: She/Her
Role/Title: Principal Consultant, Delivery Principal
Office Location: Chicago
Home Location: Maple Grove, MN
Describe your First Year Experience in one or two words: Exhilarating and Dynamic

I’d love to hear about your career journey. Can you talk about what led you here and your decision to join Thoughtworks?


After the first week I got the chance to meet with my leadership team, who were very personable and approachable, it was such a warm welcome and a nice way to get to feel the culture of the organization. I also had regular 1x1 with my FYE mentor who gave me insights into how Thoughtworks as a business is run. They quickly connected me to other leaders in the Program Management space. Having her by my side made me feel welcomed, and made it easier for me to navigate Thoughtworks in a remote world.


My recruiter also checked in on me before the first month ended to ensure that I was having a great experience. I really appreciate this gesture as it made me feel that I had people that cared about me and who wanted me to succeed.


What has been your favorite part of your Thoughtworks career to date? Any milestones? “Ah-ha” moments? 


Thoughtworks is truly an organization that values giving feedback and receiving feedback culture. Thoughtworkers truly practice this regardless of one's role or seniority.


Thoughtworkers are continuously challenging each other's thoughts, ideas and perceptions and this aids in their growth and ensures that we are aiming towards being trusted advisors to our clients and ensuring that we are creating extraordinary impact on the work through our culture and technology.


Milestones: Earned my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - sponsored by Thoughtworks


What advice would you give to someone who is starting their first day at Thoughtworks?

Be confident and start networking from the get go. Networking with others will give you access to resources and people that will help you be successful in your roles and grow. You don't have to try to solve a client's problem on your own.  Thoughtworkers will make time to share their thoughts, provide advice and to share materials. 


Carve out time to learn. Thoughtworks has so many educational resources at your fingertip to take advantage of.