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My first year experience

Portrait of Jason Hare

Name: Jason Hare


Pronouns: He/Him
Role/Title: Principal Consultant, Data Engineer
Office Location: NYC
Home Location:  Raleigh, NC
Describe your First Year Experience in one or two words: Immersion

I’d love to hear about your career journey. Can you talk about what led you here and your decision to join Thoughtworks?


I started consulting more than a decade ago. Prior to consulting, I worked in the Public Sector at the Federal and local levels. My first job out of college was working as a field archaeologist and I realized early on that the data about the artifact was as important as the artifact itself. Metadata and data work together. Fast forward 20 years to the Obama Administration, I worked in Open Data and spent some time working on data quality issues as a Whitehouse Advisor to OSTP. I also worked in the first Whitehouse Regional Datapalooza in Raleigh. After 2016 I went back into data management and data governance consulting. I spent time running my own consulting business and working for a competitor and then met someone from Thoughtworks. I was planning on partnering with Thoughtworks on data governance advisory services but I found the future plans for NA Data Service Line exciting so I interviewed and joined. 


Ok take me back to your first day at Thoughtworks. Your first week. Your first month. How has your onboarding and First Year Experience differed from previous onboarding at other companies?


Immediately I felt a sense of community and shared a sense of mission with my fellow Thoughtworkers. Rather than being evaluated as just a set of skills, my personality and my ability to empathize with others were valued as well. This is not typical of consulting companies.


What has been your favorite part of your Thoughtworks career to date? Any milestones? “Ah-ha” moments? 


I am still fairly new at Thoughtworks. Almost every day is an 'aha' moment. Thoughtworks really is an onion. Have patience and be yourself.


What advice would you give to someone who is starting their first day at Thoughtworks?


It can be daunting to meet new people for your one on ones and some will challenge you and others will be friendly and welcoming. Be yourself and realize you bring something that Thoughtworks needs. Keep an open mind and be ready to learn, learn and learn. Did I mention keep learning?


Anything else that you wanted to add?


Be there for your fellow Thoughtworkers. We work best as a team.