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Data's Extraordinary Impact at Thoughtworks

This new panel series puts a spotlight on our Data Community in an effort to knowledge share how Thoughtworks is leading in Data and AI. Throughout this series our panelists will discuss how Thoughtworks is championing Data Mesh, how we intersect modern data engineering practices to other areas of expertise such as Product, Security, Governance, Organization Change, and Platforms/Cloud. We will also showcase how we empower women within the field, and how our Thoughtworkers have grown their careers. 


Join us to hear the panelists’ personal journeys at Thoughtworks and how they have transformed enterprise environments through Data and AI solutions. 

Event details

November 11, 2022

11:00am - 12:00pm CST

Data at Thoughtworks: Governance/Security, DevOps, Product, Cloud & Org Change

In this first panel, we will discuss how Thoughtworks leverages Data throughout all aspects of our clients’ business. John Spens sits down with Rebecca Lamury, Jason Hare, Eric Nagler, Shashi Reddy and Adrienne Leighton to examine how they bring modern data practices into the following domains: Governance/Security, DevOps, Product, Cloud & Org Change.


Image of John Spens

John Spens

Director, Data and AI, North America  Thoughtworks


Image of Rebecca Lamury

Rebecca Lamury

Principal Product Manager 



Image of Jason Hare

Jason Hare

Data Governance Principal


Image of Eric Nagler

Eric Nagler

Lead Data Engineer & Head of CD4ML


Image of Shashi Reddy

Shashi Reddy

Head of Digital Data Platforms


Image of Adrienne Leighton

Adrienne Leighton

Executive Partner in Digital Transformation and Org Change


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