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Intelligent services at scale: Data foundations to deliver on AI’s promise

Edition #31 | Released April 2024

A strong data foundation is essential to harness AI's maximum potential. In this edition of Perspectives, Thoughtworks and BMW Group discuss how organizations can leverage data to enhance their ability to deliver AI-powered solutions.

Elevating the wealth management experience

Edition #30 | Released January 2024

Rising global affluence presents a huge opportunity for wealth management firms. But how can wealth managers keep up with investors' growing demands for automation and efficiency? Find out in this edition of Perspectives.

Accelerating product innovation with generative AI

Edition #29 | Released November 2023

Today's product teams are trying to do more with less. GenAI is rapidly evolving to support the product development process, but how can organizations use it to foster a sustainable competitive advantage? Find out in this edition of Perspectives.

Maximizing cloud: An operating model to drive value and efficiency

Edition #28 | Released August 2023

Driven by efficiency and cost optimization, organizations continue to invest in cloud services. But, without a solid migration strategy, cloud operations can lead to added complexities and costs. Explore more in this Perspectives edition.

Power squared: How human capabilities will supercharge AI’s business impact

Edition #27 | Released June 2023

In this issue of Perspectives, we explore how to shape strategies for a new age of AI, to nurture a reliable and valuable asset that supports and amplifies human talent, and extends the business’s capacity to grow, innovate and excel.

Don’t settle for maintaining software – sustain and evolve it

Edition #26 | Released April 2023

Creating a new application is only the beginning of a multi-year journey to maintain and update it to meet technology advancements and customer needs. As internal resources come under strain and tech debt rises, more organizations are exploring new ways to reduce the burden of software upkeep. Discover how to get started.

Convergent commerce: The new face of consumer-centric retail

Edition #25 | Released January 2023

Winning market share in the evolving retail world requires adept management of multiple touchpoints throughout an increasingly non-linear customer journey. Read on to discover why the future of commerce is not just connected, but convergent.

Change management: Why it matters, and how to make it stick

Edition #24 | Released November 2022

Making change stick is one of the most challenging parts of any digital transformation program. In this Perspectives issue, we explore practical approaches for preparing, executing and reinforcing change effectively.

Embracing and scaling effective engineering practices in tough times

Edition #23 | Released September 2022

In this issue of Perspectives, Thoughtworks technology leaders share how organizations can enhance their engineering effectiveness and maintain a competitive edge amidst uncertainty.

Customer experience: Measuring the real returns on surprise and delight

Edition #22 | Released July 2022

In this issue of Perspectives, Thoughtworks customer experience experts provide strategies that help ensure investments in customer delight produce genuine business dividends.

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