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Insurtech insights, Thoughtworks, whitepaper

A guide to building the future-ready insurer

From Insurtech Insights in partnership with Thoughtworks
From unlocking the value trapped in huge volumes of customer and external data to reaching new markets through partnerships and integrating via ecosystems, the future of insurance looks incredibly exciting.
But with so many transformational opportunities on the horizon, one pressing question remains: what can an industry characterized by long-established processes, legacy technology and the precise management of risk do to take advantage of those opportunities?


As you’ll discover throughout this report, the key to success isn’t abandoning those characteristics and leaping head-first into sweeping transformations. Quite the opposite, in fact.
Insurtech insights, Thoughtworks
Insurtech insights, Thoughtworks

Re-shaping legacy infrastructures and ways of working are integral to being a future-ready insurer

Read an honest glimpse from leaders at Aon, Aventum Group, Aviva, Covea Insurance, Legal & General, Generali, Policy Expert and Thoughtworks about what the future holds for insurance and the challenges slowing down their progress.

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