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Setting Your Generative AI Appetite

by Katharine Jarmul, Principal Data Scientist

Setting Your Generative AI Appetite: Evaluating Risks and Opportunities


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At Big-Data.AI Summit 2023 in Berlin, Katharina Jarmul from Thoughtworks gave an insightful talk about AI. Fill in the form on the right side and get direct access to her presentation.

Topics that will be addressed:


  • How are we supposed to actually use Generative AI in a business, and is it even safe to use? 
  • Evaluation techniques to determine the risks and opportunities for leveraging new AI architectures at your organization.
  • Focusing on questions like data security and privacy, risk appetite, leveraging your own text data and tips to develop valuable and secure NLP applications.

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Thank you for your interest. You can watch the recording of the session by clicking on this link: https://thoughtworks.wistia.com/medias/srz8kfec75

You will also get an email with the link to the recording.

Image Katharine Jarmul

Katharine Jarmul

Principal Data Scientist

Katharine Jarmul is a Principal Data Scientist at Thoughtworks Germany and author of the recent O'Reilly book Practical Data Privacy. Previously, she has held numerous roles at large companies and startups in the US and Germany, implementing data processing and machine learning systems with a focus on reliability, testability, privacy and security.


She is a passionate and internationally recognized data scientist, programmer, and lecturer. Katharine is also a frequent keynote speaker at international software and AI conferences.

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