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Winning with Data and AI


An average Fortune 500 company makes 400 million decisions per day. These decisions are made in a rapidly changing and complex global environment, yet oftentimes they are still based on rules, heuristics and gut feel. Despite continued investments in the latest technologies, many organizations still continue to struggle with the first steps: enabling their employees to find and consume the data they need to make better decisions and successfully deliver value.


Advancements in technology, especially in Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), enable a range of unforeseen opportunities to amplify, automate and optimize these decisions. Forerunners can already do customer obsession at scale, reinvent research and development (R&D), optimize entire value chains and upskill the way to do design and strategy - all at the same time.


Thoughtworks helps organizations across industries make decisions better, faster and at scale with Data and AI.

Technology excellence. Business mindset. Extraordinary impact.


Only a third of organizations are able to realize measurable value from data. Only 15% of companies have scaled their AI investments beyond proof-of-concepts and less than 5% have achieved industrialized growth. This happens when investments are seen as siloed IT projects instead of cross-organizational transformation. Winning with Data & AI requires a holistic approach to modern data-enabled and AI-backed technology strategy. A thorough understanding of future competencies, use-cases and concepts are pre-requisites for successful projects.


Thoughtworks has pioneered many of today’s standard industry practices - agile software development, continuous delivery and microservices. When all software is getting more and more intelligent, being at the forefront of Data & AI development is natural for us.

Our services include

Data Mesh

Apply a product mindset and modern software engineering methods to your data challenges.

Intelligent products

Build ML-driven systems to embed intelligence in your products.

Decision science

Combines applied data science with organisational and technology change to holistically improve outcomes for businesses and customers, team members, partners, and society.

Data strategy

Build data literacy into your strategy and processes to create lean and flexible plans to exploit business opportunities.

Decision factory

A set of concepts, frameworks and integrated data science tools designed to build self-optimizing tools, products, services, systems and processes that supercharge how modern businesses serve their customers and improve their efficiency.

Data platforms

Build solutions to consume, store, process and integrate diverse data services with a continuous delivery mindset.


Adapt the principles of continuous delivery to take your ML models from prototype to production.

Data governance

Treat data as a product and implement governance policies and solutions that enable your users.

We collaborated with Thoughtworks and worked really as one single team. We built the product and delivered it on time and within budget, so it was really an exciting development effort and really a great partnership.
Bernadette Minton
VP of Data Science Solutions, MCG Health

Our leaders

Danilo Sato
Danilo Sato

Head of Data and AI,


John Spens
John Spens

Director of Data and AI,

North America

Emily Gorcenski
Emily Gorcenski

Principal Data Scientist and Head of Data, Germany

Sudhir Tiwari
Sudhir Tiwari

Managing Director,


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