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Data Quick Start Workshops


You have enormous data potential. We have a proud heritage of delivering disruptive technology. Explore our range of Quick Starts around our core data services; each one is a half-day workshop with our Thoughtworks data experts.


Data Strategy: Your data future starts by having a strategy that’s fit for your business. We’ll help you understand your strategic opportunities and managing risks with data and AI, plus the key enablers for successful execution.


Data Governance: Data governance can do more to enable users. We'll help you explore new distributed models of data governance, focussed on data as a product designed for consumers, supported by computational implementation of policies and monitoring of compliance.


Data Mesh: At an enterprise level, it may be hard to see return on data investment or make data-driven decisions in a timely manner. Learn what Data Mesh, an unique ThoughtWorks approach, can do for your enterprise by mapping existing value streams and prototyping new data products.


Data Platforms: Make your company’s data work harder for you. During this session, we’ll collaborate with you to tackle data delivery problems with modern data engineering tools and practices to help shape your data platform.


Intelligent Products: Looking to validate an opportunity, or execute confidently on an ML or AI product? We’ll work with you to effectively frame your business opportunity as an ML product and share our lean development strategies.


Advanced Analytics: Standard analysis techniques have limits. In this workshop, we'll explore the application of statistics, simulation, machine learning, or operations research to your business problem, with a pragmatic view to building the outcomes into your products and services.


CD4ML: Continuous Delivery (CD) is essential for software products and both possible and desirable for Machine Learning (ML) products. Let us show you how to reliably manage changes in data, models and code for responsive and low-risk delivery and operations in this session.


There are a limited number of places available for each Quick Start, so if this interests you, please complete the form and one of our representatives will be in touch to discuss.

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