Finn Lorbeer

Quality Analyst
I am Finn, Quality Analyst at ThoughtWorks.

I have started my career after studying physics in one of the vibrant startups in the middle of Berlin. Ever since I joined ThoughtWorks I am trying to broaden my view on software development. In order to achieve that I have also worked as Agile Coach, Business Analyst, Software Developer and Tech Lead over the past years.

However, the most interesting role for me is still the one of a Quality Analyst: No day is ever the same and I basically advocate for the love towards a product.

I believe in truly agile environments to achieve this and I am constantly trying to enable my team to achieve higher standards. In order to actually do this, I do not only have to "shift left" and test earlier. I also have to apply other methods than testing to ensure the fast and robust delivery of an overall high quality product.

I am constantly trying investigate, understand and then share what those tiny things are. Then details that enable a team to build not just a great but an outstanding product.

The Interview

I came to find ThoughtWorks by

A former co-worker who referred me when ThoughtWorks Germany was still a small group of people in Hamburg.

My geeky passion is

I am learning how to solder old electronics. I am trying to repair an old radio from the 60s so that I can connect it to the internet and make it "smart".

The best advice I can give a current or future ThoughtWorker is

To make use of the vast network of interesting people with fun stories. No matter what you do - even if you repair a 50 year old radio - you are probably not alone.

The thing I'm most proud of from my time here is

The way client's I've worked for think beyond "testing" when it comes to quality.
Also, other ThoughtWorkers inspired me to do some conference talks myself. I am very thankful for that inspiration.

The most interesting thing I've learned on the job is

Being in the role of a Developer is fine for a while but really not my passion.

The thing I love most about my work is

That every day has the potential to surprise me and offer me some new experience to learn and grow upon.

If I could fix one of the world's problems, I'd put my powers to use on behalf of

...our poor planet. It's the only one we have. And it's the only one with beer.