Creating an innovation engine is a division of online travel purveyor Travelocity focused on promoting the customer savings that can be achieved when booking at the last minute. Leveraging Travelocity’s worldwide flight and hotel booking and order processing services, is always searching for new ways to market unsold flight, hotel, car and holiday package inventory.

When John Crosby, V.P. of Product & Technology, brought product management and software development together within the organization, he did it with the goal of building a Lean and Agile “Innovation Engine” that could take ideas for new features and products, optimise them with market-driven tests, and bring the best to market as rapidly as possible. He invited ThoughtWorks to become’s expert partner to plan and implement the organizational, process and technology changes. In just twenty weeks the partnership transformed’s product discovery and development capability, as proven by the launch of the new Mobile First web platform that will eventually be used across the entire Travelocity Global organization.

"It was a truly transformational engagement driving agility and leanness not only in technology but also product management and the wider organization" says Crosby.

The new platform replaces the entire existing mobile journey, with significant new features to create a more mobile-friendly experience. It also will enable, Travelocity and to tap into the fast-growing mobile-web channel for travel search and purchase, expected to grow at a double-digit rate and likely become the dominant revenue channel for the industry within the next three years.

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