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Time Out- Global Content Platform

Creating a global content platform

Time Out provides curated content of the latest and most reliable information on what’s happening in the world's most exciting cities, both online and offline, from Abu Dhabi to Zagreb.

The rapid shift within the publishing industry from print to digital and the necessity to access content via mobile phones and tablets confronted Time Out with a major challenge. While Time Out already had digital presence, consumers had to download a new app for each city and this created a few challenges for the organisation.

Time Out’s vision was to create one global platform, one single app for customers replacing individual city guides and delivering one delightful user experience, one design and one product portfolio.

TestFlight, an open source web service that allows distribution and testing of beta apps, allowed the team to test new features on hundreds of beta users in various locations. This allowed for continuous deployment and real evidence-based decision making.

With the new global 'one app', new city guides are much easier, faster and less costly to roll out. App quality and consistency are higher, and ongoing maintenance costs lower.

Now we have one Time Out iPhone app that will let us bring all our cities to customers much faster, it’s a cornerstone for our future digital platform, and something we can put a global campaign behind.
Sophie Lewis
Mobile Product Manager

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