Capital Markets

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Capital Markets have been challenged by multidimensional changes during the crisis. Customer demands are shifting and yield margins are shrinking, forcing organizations to do more, with less. Now is the time to prepare for the unpredictable.

The pace of change isn’t set to slow. Financial services' leaders must accelerate digital initiatives, using data and modern digital tools to embed agility at every level – so they're continuously innovating and shaping new opportunities.

VAKT: Transforming global commodities trading with a blockchain platform

ThoughtWorks built the world's first enterprise-level blockchain platform for VAKT, which is a consortium of leading energy companies and banks. The DLT based digital platform allows all parties to manage post-trade processing digitally in the same place, thereby reducing processing time and enhancing operational efficiency.

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Director of Financial Services UK

Isa Goksu

Director of Technology, Financial Services, UK

Prashant Gandhi

Principal Consultant, Financial Services, UK

Omar Bashir

Principal Consultant, Financial Services, UK

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