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Less silo + More platform thinking, 5 takeaways from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services white paper in association with Thoughtworks

Less stalling + More sprinting

From Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with Thoughtworks

Enterprise modernization looks at an organization’s technology estate to determine changes that will enable it to be more flexible, adaptable and resilient. For large, traditional companies, agility is only possible with the solid operational backbone that enterprise modernization allows.


Building a Foundation for Resilience through Enterprise Modernization is a new whitepaper that explores how technology leaders can articulate the value of enterprise modernization in order to elevate it in the corporate agenda and justify major capital investments. We invite you to explore the key takeaways below and download the paper.


1 1

Establish enterprise modernization as the key to real business resiliency

Generate organizational awareness around enterprise infrastructure and its ability to innovate and transform.
2 2

Create a shared language around value creation

Buy-in from executive leadership requires a shared language rooted in measures and values relevant to business stakeholders.
3 3

Leverage metrics to demonstrate the value of enterprise modernization

Key metrics help leaders see technology as the foundation for realizing customer opportunities and revenue streams.
4 4

Experiment and test like a digital native

Digital natives begin with strong infrastructure, enabling flexible organizational processes rooted in iteration, experimentation, and testing for increased innovation.
5 5

Evolve while building off traditional roots

Successful traditional companies take agile methods from digital natives but focus on their own core value propositions and strength of their legacy assets.

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