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Building new processes
around platforms

That’s where extra overcomes ordinary

The enterprise guide to platform thinking:

What it can do for your business


Over the last few years platforms have transformed everything from how we pay for goods, to how we consume our favorite TV shows and movies. They have virtually limitless potential. But as many businesses have discovered, it takes more than the digital platform itself to turn that potential into measurable value.


In The enterprise guide to platform thinking: What it can do for your business, we explore what it really takes to achieve platform success and realize the full spectrum of business, operational and customer value they can deliver. Inside, we dive into:

How platform thinking has evolved over the last five years, and the role that cultural, process and people change has to play in helping your business get the most from its platforms.

The enterprise challenges platforms are best at solving and the common scenarios where platforms are capable of delivering strong value for a wide range of organizations.

Five tenets every organization should follow as they devise and execute their platform strategy, to ensure that their platform, and the culture and processes around it, prepare them for whatever tomorrow brings.

The enterprise guide to platform thinking

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