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George Earle and Mike Mason

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Macro trends in the tech industry | April 2019

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Como as linguagens de programação evoluíram

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21 Aug 2019

Toddler taming vs stakeholder management

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20 Aug 2019

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16 Aug 2019

Beacons and geofencing: real time enterprise asset tracking and self-service

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14 Aug 2019

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12 Aug 2019

Part 2: Understanding the implications of Open Banking on the consumer

Manu Iyer

6 Aug 2019

Part 1: Understanding the implications of Open Banking on the financial services industry

Manu Iyer

2 Aug 2019

Design and Ethics: How designers fulfill their responsibilities

Alexander Steinhart and Henning Fritzenwalder

31 Jul 2019

The traits of serverless architecture

Wisen Tanasa

29 Jul 2019

Procurement through Open Development Challenges

Erin Kyle

24 Jul 2019

Legacy modernization: Change before you have to

Ashok Subramanian

22 Jul 2019

Defeating Online Fraud and Abuse: Continuous Intelligence in Action

Dr Gerald Hartig

19 Jul 2019

Faster, better, stronger: Building a high quality product

Finn Lorbeer

5 Jul 2019

New approaches to risk management continued: Are you getting these five things wrong too?

Anthony O'Connell

3 Jul 2019

What Game of Thrones reminds us: lessons in product management

Dianne Inniss

1 Jul 2019

Strategies for effective consortium engagement

Emily Margo and Prashant Gandhi

25 Jun 2019

Experimentation helps retailers optimize their supply chain - here’s how

Praful Todkar

21 Jun 2019

The evolution of geospatial data and modernising our platform to meet customer demand

Jo Abhayaratna

17 Jun 2019

Applying BDD acceptance criteria in user stories

Dennis Hee

11 Jun 2019

Coding practices for data scientists

Shraddha Surana

4 Jun 2019

Why product objectives are your best guide to team design

Robert Bornemann