LGBTQIA+ in Tech at Thoughtworks
LGBTQIA+ in Tech at Thoughtworks
LGBTQIA+ in tech

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There are many people around the world who face violence and discrimination simply because of who they love, how they identify, or who they are.

L, Lesbian. G, Gay. B, Bisexual. T, Trans. Q, Queer/Questioning. I, Intersex. A, Asexual/Aromantic. + And many more.

At Thoughtworks, we're committed to creating an inclusive community, and making tech reflective of the world around us. We call this a more equitable tech future.

Fostering an inclusive community for LGBTQIA+ technologists is really important to us. We're proud of the progress we've made, but there is much more work to do.

Thoughtworker stories, insights and advice

Image of He They She pronoun pins

It's more than just a pronoun

This blog post outlines the evolutionary basis for our assumptions about people, and why they may be wrong. It shares advice that we put into practice at Thoughtworks on how to be better allies to folks who may not fit with the ‘labels’ we assume for them.

Karthik's story

Karthik’s Thoughtworks journey started with our Interning with Pride program, which was launched to bring more LGBTQIA+ representation into the tech community. Meet Karthik and learn why he is determined to be heard.

Photo of Mike Drozd

Mike Drozd

From a religious upbringing, to how Pride changed his life, a very personal story of acceptance.

Effy Elden

The internet literally changed Effy's life. Her community, her personality and her entire identity.

Tarsha's portrait

Tarsha McCormick

Brilliant advice about supporting people in the aftermath of difficult events from our head of D&I.

Aditya's portrait

Aditya Batavia

Aditya's journey begins as soon as he could speak, and correct people using the wrong pronouns

Our journey with Stonewall

We're humbled to make the top 100 in Stonewall's index of LGBTQIA+ organisations. We were one of only two tech companies there - here's our journey.

Interning with Pride

The Interning with Pride program for recent graduates in Hyderabad, India, welcomes candidates from the LGBTQI+ community to Thoughtworks.

Amy Lynch
By placing inclusion at the heart of what we do, and through better understanding the experiences of LGBTQ+ people, we’ve been able to remove barriers, offer better support and improve allyship across our business.
Amy Lynch

Head of Diversity & Inclusion, UK

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