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Data mesh is a anaytical data architecture and operating model where data is treated as a product and owned by teams that most intimately know and consume the data.


Applying the concepts of modern software engineering, domain ownership and product thinking, data mesh enables organizations to deliver insights with the speed and flexibility that today’s constantly evolving digital era requires. Since its introduction in 2019, Thoughtworks has delivered transformational impact through data mesh’s four foundational pillars, and helped clients deliver value from their data at speed and scale.

Five years of data mesh: Insights and impact


In this new series of short videos, Thoughtworks data leaders look back across five years of data mesh innovation and explore its impact on business worldwide. Leveraging learnings from over 75 data mesh implementations across a variety of industries, our experts share how to unlock new value from data at scale, and empower your teams to create and manage their own game-changing data products.

Data mesh fundamentals: Where to start

Thoughtworks Director of Data and AI, North America John Spens introduces the data mesh paradigm, and explores why it takes more than just new technology and architecture to unlock its full potential and business value.

Data as a product: Concept and implementation

Data mesh is founded on four key principles. In this video, Rebecca Lamury, Head of Data Products, Thoughtworks NA takes a close look at one of the most impactful — managing data as a product. 

Federated governance: Principles and practice

In this video, Data Transformation Strategist Nalini Haridas introduces the principle of federated governance, what it involves in practice, and how businesses can implement it across data mesh environments.

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