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AI & Analytics

Harness the power of people-centred, ethical AI to maximize business impact

With Artificial Intelligence suddenly everywhere, how do you make the right investments, measure value, and empower your teams, while protecting your enterprise’s intellectual capital, avoiding adoption risk or unintended consequences, and preparing for the regulation to come?


At Thoughtworks, we specialize in empowering organizations to leverage AI and machine learning to solve their most difficult challenges. Our unique approach integrates strategy, design and software engineering to create intelligent, people-centred solutions that augment your team’s capabilities and create extraordinary results across vast opportunities. 


Whether you are looking to identify the right generative AI use cases and governance strategies to achieve your business goals, seeking to accelerate machine learning models to production, or build smarter AI-augmented processes to support your teams in making better decisions, we can help.

Our services include

AI strategy and governance

Drive operational efficiency, great customer experiences and sustainable innovation through business and people-centric AI and machine learning stategies. Build or revisit your AI adoption strategy to take advantage of recent advances in natural language processing (NLP) advances, choose the right opportunities for AI use, address talent gaps, create meaningful AI governance and ensure quality training data.

AI-driven products and processes

Integrate generative AI, reinforcement learning and classic AI techniques into all you create and do across the enterprise, from personalized customer experiences and dynamic pricing to augmented product design and rich strategic planning and scenario simulation. Identify and implement AI opportunities using human-centric AI-based approaches that outperform machine-centric approaches with less computing resources and data.

Machine learning operations (CD4ML)

Deploy machine learning models to production faster through MLOps excellence. Build and train generative AI models fast and efficiently. Adapt the principles, practices and tools from Continuous Delivery to implement MLOps and LLMOps end-to-end processes, enabling increased automation, built-in quality, smaller, more frequent deployments, and repeatable, auditable processes.

Advanced analytics

Tap sophisticated techniques and tools to analyze and interpret complex data sets to uncover meaningful insights, patterns, and trends. Go beyond basic data analysis and include statistical analysis, data mining, predictive modeling, machine learning, and other advanced techniques to extract valuable information from data.

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