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When you introduce yourself, you also introduce your culture

What you say matters...

When you introduce yourself, you also introduce your culture.


10 things you communicate when you state your pronouns in your introduction:


  1. I understand how important pronouns are and I will respect and use yours

  2. I want to know what pronouns you use and not assume them

  3. Your sense of safety in this space is important to me

  4. Your identity is real and I see you

  5. I want to ensure everyone respects you

  6. I want you to be comfortable around me

  7. I want to hear your unique perspective on the world

  8. I'm willing to learn and improve to create more inclusive spaces

  9. I want you to be able to be open and honest with me

  10. I am an ally, a friend, someone you can trust


We use pronouns everyday when we refer to someone without using their name. Many people use different pronouns than you might assume and they can be unsure if it's safe to share pronouns at work. You can create a safe space by sharing your own pronouns first.

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