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Image of Lila looking at the camera. Lila has black hair and a white suit jacket on.

Lila Schallert-Wygal (ze/zir or they/them)

Principal, Product Management

I’m a mission-driven product strategist and people-coach passionate about driving equity and change. My best days are spent learning, uncovering challenges, and empowering diverse teams to launch intuitive, innovative products with impact. 


I’ve spent 20 years in product strategy, customer experience, and business development, from growing start-ups to embedding innovation and strategy labs into large enterprises.  I led digital strategy and product management as Executive Director for the Advanced Placement Program® for 10 years, where I partnered with students and educators to co-design better educational tools, powered by responsible and emerging technologies, to transform opportunities and outcomes for traditionally underserved communities.


I joined Thoughtworks in 2021, excited to find an inclusive organization invested in changing the face of technology to better reflect our world and achieve better futures. And thrilled to find one that welcomes my whole, weird non-binary, self. 


I live in Brooklyn in a lovely brownstone with my lovely partner and three opinionated cats.