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Birdvision Consulting

The one-of-a-kind platform offering convenience and choice for reward programs in India

Birdvision Consulting (BVC) is a startup that uses technology to improve the effectiveness of incentive programs for organisations.

Their aim is to provide a holistic “bird’s eye view” of incentives programs, identify patterns, and implement strategies that have far-reaching results using a combination of mobile and online platforms supported by high-end analytics tools.

BVC saw an opportunity to provide a high quality service to the Indian market place, especially in channel management. To start, they wanted to provide a platform for companies to incentivise and manage their sales partners. The platform would provide an extensive choice of rewards based on sales numbers, as well as provide dashboard reports. Using technology, a unique incentive program encourages channel partners to sell specific products, thereby improving the overall effectiveness of channel sales.

Partnering with Thoughtworks, they set about building a custom platform for incentive modeling and analytics that would be exhaustive, scalable, and cost-effective to maintain. The platform needed to ensure increased engagement in every program to raise brand loyalty and meet targets.

As a startup, we had an MVP and prototype working for us when we approached Thoughtworks. The Thoughtworks team helped fine-tune and evolve our services to their current form through a series of workshops and their Agile methodology.
Ansuman Dani
Managing Director

Given the nature of the product, Birdvision chose the Platform as a Service (PaaS) model. New features had to be rolled out quickly, so the application was built using Ruby on Rails with a powerful suite of tests. This meant they were able to quickly validate new features – getting the shortest code to go-live cycle on the project to only 30 minutes.


The platform is easy to maintain, with zero IT support staff needed. Using a combination of Heroku and a lot of off-the-shelf components, most of the IT support requirements are delegated to the PaaS providers.


The results? In just 14 weeks the platform was launched with no IT support staff whatsoever. Currently, BVC has a master catalogue with close to 5000 products and 45000+ active users on the system – taking their business to the next level.

It was a great experience as we worked together as a team to deliver the first release within a tight schedule. The reliability, collaboration, and futuristic scenario building approach are some key areas that make them a delight to work with!
Ansuman Dani
Managing Director

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