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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the acqusition


What is happening?


  • This marks a significant milestone for Thoughtworks.
  • Gemini Solutions’ team of 170 team members including software engineers and operations staff based in Romania will join us in the first quarter of 2021. They cover a broad spectrum of technologies across the entire software product development lifecycle. 
  • The close of the acquisition, due in the first quarter of 2021, will see the establishment of Thoughtworks Romania with the Gemini Solutions team at its core. 
  • The acquisition will help strengthen Thoughtworks’ and support our European and global expansion. 
  • The team will provide near shore support for Thoughtworks’ clients in the UK and Germany as well as continue to support existing clients in North America, France and Germany. 
  • The Gemini Solutions team brings with them a wealth of experience and will help us accelerate growth in our key strategic focus areas of IoT, digital transformation, enterprise modernization, data and customer experience. 
  • This is an exciting new chapter in the Thoughtworks story and we will do everything we can to ensure a smooth and seamless merging of the two organizations. 


Why did Thoughtworks decide to acquire Gemini Solutions?


  • As we mature as a company, we need to look at how we grow the business and expand our impact globally. Our focus to date has been on organic growth but we believe we need to have a blend of both organic and inorganic in order to achieve our ambitious plans. 
  • This acquisition will support us to increase capacity, capability, and impact in Europe and North America.
  • Gemini Solutions will help us increase our nearshore delivery capability and capacity in Europe. Plus the Gemini Solutions team brings with them a wealth of experience and will also accelerate growth in our key strategic focus areas of digital transformation, enterprise modernization, data and customer experience. 


What will happen with Gemini Solutions’ current projects?


  • All existing projects will continue to be led and delivered by the Gemini Solutions team. There will be no discontinuity in the current business.


What’s the benefit for clients?


  • This acquisition will significantly improve our ability to support and service clients especially in Europe. 
  • The Gemini Solutions team brings with them a wealth of experience especially in IoT that complements our own and will ensure we can address a new range of clients challenges.


Why are the Gemini Solutions founders not staying on?


  • During the 16-year adventure that Theo Nissim and Florin Parlea embarked on with Gemini Solutions, their focus was always to build a strong leadership team ready and perfectly positioned to continue the journey that they started.
  • Now they both feel that this is the right time to pass on the baton and have a new and fresh start. They are looking forward to a new life in advising, investing, mentoring and helping new ventures reach for the stars.
  • They will stay on as advisors with us in the next few months to help ensure a smooth and successful transition.
  • They are both grateful for the experience, and the opportunity to connect with so many great people and they strongly believe that Thoughtworks is the right partner and organization that can fulfil the ambitions they had for Gemini Solutions.


Will they continue as Gemini Solutions or will they change their name to Thoughtworks?


  • Eventually they will become Thoughtworks Romania but there will be a transition period while we integrate all our systems.  
  • Plus we want to work together on the integration. We’d like to learn from them just as much as they will be learning from us.
  • You said that Gemini Solutions will now become Thoughtworks Romania - what does that mean?
  • As the Gemini Solutions team is currently primarily all based in Romania and offers services to both North America and Europe we felt that this gave us an opportunity to expand Thoughtworks’ European network and create Thoughtworks Romania.


How much have we paid for them?


  • We are not at liberty to share this figure.


Who will Thoughtworks Romania report to?


  • Serban Tir who was previously Gemini Solutions’s CTO will be staying on as General Manager for Thoughtworks Romania.
  • Serban has been with Gemini Solutions since 2005 and brings with him a wealth of experience.
  • He will report into Peter Buhrmann, MD for Thoughtworks Germany. Together they will work to ensure a smooth integration for the people, clients, and business operations in Romania.


Is Thoughtworks planning to make anyone in Gemini Solutions redundant?


  • We have no plans to make anyone redundant. In fact the reverse is true and we’re going to grow and scale up the team.

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