Xia Jie Jessie

Managing Director - Singapore

I joined ThoughtWorks China in 2005 as the Head of People. Over the 10 years, I experienced multiple roles in HR, software business analysis, project management, client relationship building and office/regional operations.

I came to Singapore in March 2016. Took on a challenging new journey as the Managing Director of Singapore.

I'm passionate about creating values by pushing myself, enabling others to perform and turning my jobs into my interests.

The Interview

The thing I love most about my work is

People I work with

If I could fix one of the world's problems, I'd put my powers to use on behalf of

Education parity

The best advice I can give a current or future ThoughtWorker is

A journey is characterised not just by happiness; struggles and achievements make it more meaningful and memorable. But, what is the key? To challenge yourself to keep moving out of your comfort zone!

With ThoughtWorks, I've visited

US, India, UK, Australia, Germany, South Africa and Brazil