Our leaders

As a people-driven organization we are passionate about empowering our employees and making a positive impact in every country where we operate.

Our diverse leadership team helps to drive our vision, guide and inspire our people, and ensure our clients achieve their goals. Meet the team.

Guo Xiao

President and Chief Executive Officer

Rebecca Parsons

Chief Technology Officer

Martin Fowler

Chief Scientist

Sai Mandapaty

Chief Commercial Officer

Erin Cummins

Chief Financial Officer

Chad Wathington

Chief Strategy Officer

Dave Whalley

Chief Information Officer

Joanna Parke

Chief Talent Officer

Julie Woods-Moss

Chief Marketing Officer

Ramona Mateiu

General Counsel

Ange Ferguson

Group Managing Director, Digital Transformation

Chris Murphy

Chief Executive Officer – North America

Kristan Vingrys

Managing Director – Australia

Caroline Cintra

Managing Director – Brazil

Marta Saft

Managing Director – Brazil

Hu Kai

Managing Director – China

Zhang Song

Managing Director – China

Matheus Tait

Managing Director – Ecuador

Peter Buhrmann

Managing Director – Germany

Sudhir Tiwari

Managing Director – India

Sameer Soman

Managing Director – India

Wong Wen Shun

Managing Director – Southeast Asia

Xia Jie Jessie

Managing Director – Southeast Asia

Ruth Harrison

Managing Director – UK

Gabriel Notari

Managing Director – Spain

Karin Verloop

Managing Director – Spain

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