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It’s time to close the CX performance gap


A well-executed customer experience (CX) drives many of the world’s most successful companies. It protects customer engagement and brand equity in the face of economic turbulence, and enables organizations to leap ahead of competitors in times of growth.


Yet only a few organizations excel at CX strategy and execution. Businesses spend millions on failed transformations, and disconnected omnichannel initiatives that do not provide any meaningful impact.  


In this Thoughtworks-sponsored research report, by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, we examine the gap between the strategic importance of CX vs. CX effectiveness, and the biggest barriers to optimal CX delivery.  The report sheds light on the most powerful approaches to CX transformation; the importance of organizing the enterprise around an outside-in customer perspective; the value of clear CX leadership combined with cross-functional collaboration; the force of enterprise-wide CX metrics; and how to start and sustain effective CX practices.

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