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AI-assisted coding: Experiences and perspectives

Podcast host Prem Chandrasekaran and Neal Ford | Podcast guest Mike Mason and Birgitta Böckeler
November 16, 2023 | 43 min 43 sec

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Brief summary

Generative AI appears to be making an impact in a huge range of fields, but one that we're particularly interested in at Thoughtworks is its use in software development.


In recent months, there's been a lot of talk in the industry around issues like whether AI might boost developer productivity and if it can be used for pair programming, but in this episode of the Technology Podcast we try to get beneath the hype to explore the reality of generative AI and software development — how is it actually being used today? What works? And what doesn't?


To dive deeper into all this, Chief of AI Mike Mason and Global Lead for AI-assisted Software Delivery Birgitta Böckeler join hosts Prem Chandrasekaran and Neal Ford, discussing everything from the current tooling to the way GenAI is shaping developer practices and workflows.

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