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Meet Tanapol Krailasratanasiri

image of Tanapol Krailasratanasiri

Name: Tanapol Krailasratanasiri


Pronouns: He/Him
Role/Title: Senior Associate, SEA DEISSC Lead


Describe your experience so far at Thoughtworks in one or two words: Blessed

What does your job involve?


Using Thoughtworks’ expertise to amplify the impact of nonprofits and social entrepreneurs, building awareness of the vulnerable within Thoughtworks, creating a diverse and inclusive community of Thoughtworkers and implementing sustainability initiatives.


What is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?


Getting to work with people who have the same passion for nonprofits and social enterprises, and bonding with the people at the edge of the society and realizing that we’re all equal.

We’d love to hear about your career journey. Can you talk about what led you to Thoughtworks and your decision to join Thoughtworks?


I was getting ready to work in the social sector while working in a management consulting firm. I was going to work for 1 more year there, but I saw this job opening at Thoughtworks and I couldn’t resist applying. I knew at that time that this opportunity was not going to come again in the next 5 years at least.

What has been your favorite part of your Thoughtworks career to date?


I like the unique culture of autonomy and no-hierarchy. I get to work with many people from different roles, and I get to touch upon many projects which keep me excited.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of joining Thoughtworks?


Like joining any company, there are pros and cons and consequences. Cultural fit is the most important part, I think. Make sure that you talk to the recruiters / Thoughtworkers about the culture first and see if you like it or not

Anything else that you wanted to add about your Thoughtworks journey?


Another perk at Thoughtworks is that you have the opportunity to shift or rotate to other roles if you like. Of course there is a process to that, but as long as you know what you want to do, you can always find that opportunity for yourself in Thoughtworks.