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XConf is our annual technology event created by technologists for technologists who care deeply about software and its impact on the world.


This year XConf was hosted in seven regions around the world with diverse groups of speakers covering a wide range of topics. Thoughtworkers and guest presenters shared how technologists and business leaders grow, collaborate and innovate to make an impact for clients, society and the tech industry. 


Explore the highlight videos, talks and regional event spotlights below to get a sense of what it was like to attend XConf 2023. 

A sampling of XConf 2023 talks and experiences

Local event highlights

XConf India: A look at our event in Hyderabad

How will evolutionary architecture evolve?

XConf Europe: Dr. Rebecca Parsons, Thoughtworks CTO Emerita

Tech-enabled sustainability

XConf Australia: Fireside chat facilitated by Andy Nolan

Agile in the modern age

Agile in the modern age

XConf Thailand: Panel discussion with Kotchakorn Ded-Dechanukul, Pete Chemsripong, Siroratt Suntronsuk and Twin Panichsombat (Thai)

Top ten tech trends you need to know

XConf India: Bharani Subramaniam and Vanya Seth, Heads of Technology

AI-assisted software delivery

XConf China: Rachel Laycock, Thoughworks CTO

Connected AI platform for digital products

XConf Europe: Co-presentation by Magdalena Kuhn (BMW) and Anton Vlasov

Ways to unlock engineering effectiveness

XConf Singapore: Panel discussion with May Xu, Sowmya Ganapathi Krishnan, Aditi Agarwal and Nouman Memon

Internal platforms in practice

XConf Australia: Scott Shaw

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About XConf 2023 events

Group of XConf Singapore 2022 event speakers and organizers standing in front of a branded backdrop with each person holding up a fun photo prop sign, assorted sayings and images

July 28: Speakers from Thoughtworks, GovTech and minden.ai | yuu.sg covered a broad range of topics including the ethics of data, engineering effectiveness, Data Mesh, digital transformation, platform engineering and more.


Group of two women and two men stand in a circle talking. Two other people look on. XConf and Thoughtworks branded pop-up banners in the background.

August 25: This year Thoughtworks brought XConf to Hong Kong and explored the theme of How generative AI could shape your business and technology landscape.

A female Thoughtworker presents her tech talk at XConf Australia 2022

Aug 28 - Sep 1: Spread across one week, the XConf Australia festival program explored the rich intersection of technology and business – a timely reminder that new technologies and human innovation can shape our future for the better. 

Group of XConf Europe 2022 event speakers and organizers standing on stage between two branded pop up banners

September 21: XConf Europe went to Amsterdam and brought together local and regional technologists and  thought leaders for a robust agenda of talks spanning new approaches to software architecture, infrastructure for a composable platform product strategy, generative modeling, practical tools for responsible AI and much more.

A team of four Thoughtworkers in XConf tshirts pose for photo, each holding a photo prop sign

September 21: From main stage presentations, workshops, tech talks and interactive experiences, speakers and attendees at XConf India in Hyderabad explored engineering effectiveness, AI, Data Mesh, sustainable tech, design patterns, digital transformation and more.


A male and a female presenter on the stage at XConf Thailand 2022

September 29: Thoughtworks technologists and leaders shared their insights on a variety of topics ranging from platform engineering, legacy modernization, digital transformation, to engineering effectiveness and more. Presentations and panel discussions were delivered in a mix of Thai and English.

Large, clear, XConf branded balloon with three smaller, colored balloons inside

October 17: This one-day, virtual event delivered an immersive experience and explored the transformative power of technology, ensuring that the technological revolution occurs in a responsible way, considering its social, environmental and ethical impact.

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