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No-code platforms and the art of the possible

Podcast host Anita Sands | Podcast guest Gary Hoberman, CEO and Founder of Unqork
February 03, 2021 | 56 min 15 sec

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Brief summary

The low-code, no-code movement is swiftly transforming the future of enterprise technology, in ways that could never have been predicted. In the second of a four-part series takeover, Anita Sands speaks to Gary Hoberman, CEO and Founder of Unqork, about his journey to create a no-code application platform that helps large enterprises deliver business value at speed. If you are a bold business leader, wanting to learn more about this latest iteration of software development, this is the podcast for you.


  •  Bridging the gap between Fintech and startup world. What lessons to take away to head a scrappy start-up after being inside the big machine?
  • Agile brought the business to the table but the no code, low-code is a movement. The goal is not to generate code, it's a new way to create software from scratch. The art of creating software that makes an impact, freeing up the engineer to do what they're meant to do.
  • Unqork goes against the fundamental principles of software by developing software from scratch. This includes a drag and drop capability to do integration more advanced than any technology. The customer holds the encryption key for production. When the first customer goes live, every customer benefits. And when the next customer goes live, the first customer benefits. 
  • The job of the business leader should be to deliver business value the fastest and get rewarded for that, not rewarded based on how many people work for you and your budget size. How do we address resistance to change and aligning incentives?
  • Sitting at the interface between the business and IT, technologist role is to solve business problems. Business engineers are technologists or engineers that understand procedures and process and they're now creating massive enterprise solutions.
  • The business demand for digital and personas of start-up customers. There are companies that are not ready to move forward, based on behaviors inside out in big corporations that prevent change. And there are the first wave of start-up adopters, motivated by using cutting edge tools.
  • There's a perception that you need to have the ability to inject script and override code in a platform. However, is it the reason why technology hasn't advanced? 
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