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The digital future of financial services in Germany

Driving long-term customer value while under constrained budgets



Germany’s financial sector is recognized worldwide for its robust infrastructure, stability, and AAA credit rating. However, over the past decade, the sector has emerged as lagging in one increasingly critical area — digitalization. 


Shrinking margins and a fragmented, changing competitive landscape call for a digital evolution.


Financial institutions need to evolve both their offerings and infrastructural architectures to optimize for costs whilst delivering sustainable, value-driven services that create new revenue streams, and help them maintain the financial and reputational strength they’ve developed over decades. It's a tall order, and one that has tasked them with stepping into new digital service areas and competing with a new generation of digital competitors to deliver increased customer value.


In the whitepaper, we analyze the challenges in the market and outline strategies to help you:

Establish the foundation to become a Modern Digital Business and embed a digital mindset across your entire organization.

Leverage new technologies strategically to modernize your infrastructure and build platforms that deliver long-term value by supporting future evolution.

Shape value-driven digital strategies to address cost challenges and develop new revenue streams.

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