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Unlocking business value with the ITV Data Mesh playbook

Podcast host Kimberly Boyd | Podcast guest Sanjeevan Bala and Danilo Sato
May 26, 2022 | 23 min 41 sec

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Brief summary

Creating and executing a data and AI strategy can help an organization drive value and growth. How do you unlock the benefits, operationalize at scale and manage change for employees? Sanjeevan Bala, Group Chief Data & AI Officer at iTV and Danilo Sato, Head of Data & AI, Thoughtworks UK explore how to develop and drive an offensive data strategy that delivers revenue and EBIT growth. Learn how data mesh can accelerate your agenda to empower and scale value across the enterprise.

Episode highlights


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  • ITV was looking to develop a data strategy, driven both externally by the ways in which consumers watching content has changed and internal drivers to become more data-driven. ITV sought to bring together the best of creativity with the best of machine learning and science, an augmented idea.


  • Use-case driven approach to unlock benefits with the marketing team. As they were building their data function, how do we deploy the teams and the expertise so they're closer to the marketing team or the commercial team?


  • The golden ratio: Invested resourcing with 70% around the change agenda, 20% around the technology, and 10% on the algorithms and AI aspects. This approach helps the transformation become part of the DNA of the organization.


  • Connecting through to the last mile: How do we make sure that the resources in the business are actually doing something with it? Leading with the impact and then the technologies that marketing can activate audiences with and do something with it. We took on a more holistic, co-developed approach to strategy.


  • Dialing up the employee experience of change. We very much focused on the happenings within the units, rather than a centralized unit pushing the change out. We were really keen that the change had to stick.


  • So what, now what. Our teams are trained to think about the so what, now what, when they're engaging with the business, they then describe the now what scenario. It's not the’ what’ you deliver, but ‘how’ you deliver, and therefore start to describe it in business language and business outcomes. 


  • Implementing data mesh in the organization advice -  be laser focused on value based outcomes; get the backing of your CFO because fundamentally you're driving revenue growth and growth in the business. 


  • Understanding the culture of what you have, where you’ve come from and then how you enhance that. How do you co-create with your core competencies and complement that within this process?

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